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Justin Trudeau tried way too hard in India, and it backfired spectacularly

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can't stop being the worst version of himself while touring India. During an official visit this week, Trudeau has once again dipped back into his charisma well to inspire good headlines, and global affection. Only this time, it looks like he's drowned. Every day of his trip, Trudeau opted to don grand, ceremonial outfits traditional for India. It can be presumed that he wanted to show respect and "fit in" with the people of the country. In reality, most saw it as trying to hard at best, or as cultural appropriation at worst.  SEE ALSO: Everything you need to know to enjoy curling, the Winter Olympics' best obscure sport Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Amritsar's Golden Temple, February 21, 2018. Reuters photos by @AdnanAbidi #TrudeauInIndia — Reuters India Photos (@IndiaPhotos) February 21, 2018 Of course, this is nothing new for Trudeau. He's continually stuck his Disney Prince face into whatever photo op continues to build his brand as the good guy ally, the nerdy man of the people, and super hunk statesman.  Well, the headlines that have come out of Trudeau's India visit have unraveled a bit of that perception. Press in the asian country and abroad have called out his embarrassing over-the-top dress as reeking of overcompensation.  India's message to Justin Trudeau: stop trying so hard — NDTV (@ndtv) February 23, 2018 Justin Trudeau can't stop being an embarrassing tourist in India — Travel + Leisure (@TravelLeisure) February 23, 2018 Canadian PM Trudeau roundly mocked for political, fashion blunders during disastrous trip to India — INSIDER (@thisisinsider) February 23, 2018 And so, the internet dragged him for it.  Is it just me or is this choreographed cuteness all just a bit much now? Also FYI we Indians don’t dress like this every day sir, not even in Bollywood. — Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) February 21, 2018 I love the Trudeau but cannot understand why he’s dressed like he’s at his own Indian wedding. — Angela Saini (@AngelaDSaini) February 21, 2018 Just chill, Justin. Just chill.  WATCH: Boston Dynamics tried to prevent ‘SpotMini’ from escaping, but the robot outsmarted them


Olympics: Skaters let their hair down at final Olympic event

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Rappers, Spiderman and a sultry tiger took to the ice on Sunday as the world's top skaters let their creativity take over in a gala exhibition, the final figure skating event at the Pyeongchang Games.


USOC touts we-were-close assessment for performance in 2018 Winter Olympics

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Emphasizing close calls was a theme for the USOC at the Winter Olympics as it became apparent U.S. athletes were not winning medals at expected pace.

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Olympics: Fun comes first for 'one of a kind' Ledecka

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Ester Ledecka believes her ability to have fun on snowboard and ski gives her an edge over her rivals and she is not going to let her unprecedented success at the Pyeongchang Olympics change that any time soon.

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AP Explains: What's N. Korea up to with provocative visit?

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PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) — It seems a brazen choice, even for North Korea. As South Korea's liberal president seeks to use the Olympics to improve ties, North Korea has chosen to send the alleged mastermind of two attacks that killed 50 South Koreans in 2010 to the games' closing ceremony. So, once again, South Korea's first Winter Games offers up the possibility of the strangest of optics: That North Korean official, Kim Yong Chol, in the same television frame with U.S. President Donald Trump's daughter and adviser, Ivanka, who is also set to attend Sunday's closer.

Kim Yong-chol: Protests greet North Korean delegation to Olympics

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The head of the delegation to the closing of the Winter Olympics is accused of a deadly 2010 attack.


Ivanka Trump Faces Backlash Over Olympic Closing Ceremony Gig

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Ivanka Trump’s visit to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, has been widely criticized on Twitter.


Russian spies hacked the Olympics and tried to make it look like North Korea did it, U.S. officials say

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Russian military spies hacked several hundred computers used by authorities at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, according to U.S. intelligence.
They did so while trying to make it appear as though the intrusion was conducted by North Korea, what is known as a "false-flag" operation,...


North Korean delegation arrives for Olympics closing show

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North Korean delegation led by a controversial former general arrives in South Korea to attend the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics


The Latest: Ivanka Trump: Olympics visit 'so inspiring'

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The U.S. president's daughter and adviser says her visit to the Olympics is "so incredibly inspiring."


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