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Microsoft aligns its different Office code bases as of the latest Mac Office release

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January's release of Office 2016 for the Mac includes lots of new features. But more importantly, it now brings the underlying code base of Microsoft's various Office flavors into alignment.

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Microsoft's Path To A $1 Trillion Market Cap

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Microsoft’s stock recently hit an all-time high, and its market capitalization reached over $700 billion. Some analysts on Wall Street have recently predicted that the company’s market cap could reach $1 trillion in the coming years


The Last of Us Part 2 director will speak at DICE

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DICE is one of the smaller events in the gaming calendar. But its intimate atmosphere and reliably strong roster of speakers make it a valuable alternative to E3, PAX and the increasingly frenetic Game Developer Conference. Organized by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, this years DICE will be keynoted by Microsoft games chief Phil Spencer. Today, the AIAS announced some appetizing new speakers.

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Microsoft patches its earlier Meltdown patch for AMD PCs, allowing them to boot

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AMD processors aren’t affected by the , but the emergency fix for Meltdown and Spectre brought certain AMD CPUs to their knees. Microsoft has now resumed issuing patches for those systems as of Jan. 18, after early reports of those PCs refusing to boot.
Microsoft's new patch, KB4073290,  Microsoft says. It will either deploy via Windows Update or can be .

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Xbox E3 Briefing This Will Include "Positive Changes"

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Microsoft promises some "positive changes" for this year's big briefing in Los Angeles.


Microsoft to drop its HealthVault Insights apps

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Launched a year ago, Microsoft HealthVault Insights applications are being discontinued. But Microsoft continues to work on the intersection of AI and healthcare.

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It Sure Feels Like Microsoft's New Xbox One Mantra Is 'Be PlayStation'

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Microsoft has done well with the Xbox One to a certain extent, but it's been the odd man out as of late. That may be changing with a shift to a more Sony-like philosophy.


Windows 10 Meltdown-Spectre patch: New updates bring fix for unbootable AMD PCs

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AMD PCs can now install Microsoft's Windows update with fixes for Meltdown and Spectre and the bug that caused boot problems.


Enterprise, self-service BI hook up: MicroStrategy releases connectors for Power BI, Tableau, Qlik

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. MicroStrategy releases connectors to its platform for data visualization BI tools from Microsoft, Tableau and Qlik.

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