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Feds: Iowa man lied about Bosnian killings to gain refugee status

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The Justice Department is seeking to strip 51-year-old Eso Razic of his U.S. citizenship.


Government shutdown looms despite House action, short-lived Senate discussion

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The House passed a short-term extension of government funding late Thursday after Republican leaders, with help from President Donald Trump, cobbled together enough GOP votes to overcome an internal revolt.
Still, the possibility of a federal shutdown moved closer to a certainty after Senate Democrats...


David and Louise Turpin Fed Kids Once a Day and Allowed Them to Shower Twice a Year: Report

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The revelation comes as more relatives come forward to say the couple would always make excuses for why they couldn't Skype with the kids.

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'I just don't like Muslim people': Trump appointee resigns after racist, sexist and anti-gay remarks

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An appointee of President Donald Trump has resigned from the federal agency that runs AmeriCorps and other service programs after remarks he made disparaging blacks, Muslims, gays, women, veterans with PTSD and undocumented immigrants surfaced in the news media.
Carl Higbie lasted less than six...


Allowed 1 Shower a Year and Fed Just Once a Day: New Allegations of Abuse in House of Horrors Case

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The couple faces more than three dozen charges

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House approves bill to keep government open as Senate Democrats take heat for threatening to block it

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The possibility of a federal shutdown moved closer to reality, and Republicans prepared to blame Democrats for standing in the way in pursuit of an immigration deal.


Government says it is dropping most remaining Inaugural Day rioting cases

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WASHINGTON - Nearly a year after about 200 people were charged with rioting during President Donald Trump's inauguration, federal prosecutors announced they would drop a majority of the cases because they could not prove the defendants planned or participated in protests with the aim of smashing...


Ethiopia frees prominent opposition leader

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Prominent Ethiopian opposition leader Merera Gudina was freed from jail on Wednesday after the government dropped charges against him as part of a wider prisoner amnesty, state media reported. In his first comments after his release, Merera vowed to stay active in politics and urged Ethiopia's all-powerful government to hold "honest negotiations" with the country's many opposition parties. The detention of Merera, chairman of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), had become a cause celebre for members of the Oromo ethnic group.


Justice Department Asks SCOTUS To Reverse Court Ruling Protecting Dreamers

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After a federal judge blocked the Trump administration from ending DACA, the Justice Department is asking the Supreme Court to bypass the usual appeal process and hear its case this term.


US government agencies issue warning to employees as nation stares at federal shutdown

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Government agencies were warning US employees on Thursday of a possible federal shutdown at midnight on Friday, as the Republican-controlled Congress and the White House scrambled to pass legislation to keep the lights on in Washington.


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